I solemnly swear...

That I am up to no good..

Hair - Lamb - Zelda (Collabor88 - Aug)
Skin - *My UglyDorothy - Bijou4 (SFW)
Makeup - Lovely Disarray - Enso Face Paint
Eyelids - Slink - Mesh Eyelids
Jeans - :[P]: - Belle Jeans (FLF 8-9-13)

Chair - Art Dummy - Summertide Sofa (Collabor88 - Aug)
Cabinet - fri.home - Apothecary Cabinet
Clock - Lisp - Charlotte Clock
Piggywho - Ohmai!  (Arcade Gatcha)


I wanna be free..

Wind in my hair
Salt on my skin
Sun in the air...

Hair - Truth - Swift
Skin - *My UglyDorothy* - Miu (NEW!)
Necklace - etham - Royal Cross Necklace (June - The Mens Dept)
Tanktop - *Lacuna* - Racer Tank
Bracelet - erratic - Owl Bracelet
Pants - *Lacuna* - Skinny Jeans
Shews - Miel - Espadrilles Striped



"There is no coming to consciousness without pain." - Carl Jung

I'm so very sorry for delays in my blogging. This move has been harder than I anticipated, and I've had some family issues to deal with.. but I'm going to do my best to get caught up and on top of things again. <3

Hair - Truth - Marisol
Skin - Glam Affair - Lulu 06 (The Arcade)
Makeup - Lovely Disarray - Songbird - Fire (Cosmetics Fair)
Eyes - Dead Apples - Thunder Eyes - Murder (The Arcade)
Necklace - Katat0nik - Red Queen Wonderland Pendant (The Arcade)
Tattoo - Boss Tattoo - Sweet Sacrifice (June - The Mens Dept)
Dress - Tee*fy - Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress (The Arcade)
Bracelet - Erratic - Owl Bracelet
Nails - Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails
Stockings - Schadenfreude - Gris Cirque Noir Garter Belt
Shews - (FD) - Bossy Boots - Shiny Black (The Arcade)


Don't wait up...

for I have a feeling I won't be home for dinner...

Ode to The Doctor ;)

Hair - Truth - Swift
Bow - Magika - Kawaii Bow
Skin - Belleza - Smokey Skin
Eyes - Bilo - Najwa Eye
Earrings/Necklace/Ring Set - (Yummy) - Winter Flower Set
Top - *Lacuna* - Cami Top
Bracelet - Magic Nook - Shoo Be Doo Bracelet
Nails - Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails
Skirt - *Lacuna* - Flirt Skirt
Shews - [PM] - Fae Wedge


Wherever you go..

"If you don't know where you are going, any road'll take you there." - George Harrison
Just a few days left of the current Mens Dept collection. There are definitely some fun things to pick up, for the ladies AND the gents! Don't miss out!!

Hair - Truth - Portia (can't seem to take it off!)
Skin - Illusory - Love_Milk - Organic
Eyes - .ID. - Mesh Eyes (the mens dept - may)
Earrings - MG - Rio Hoops
Necklace - .Olive. - Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace
Gameboy - Balaclava - GD Necklace (the mens dept - may)
Top - *Lacuna* - Cami Top
Watch - (epia) - 'Invicta' Watch
Bag - Milk Motion - Mini Leather Suitcase Bag
Pants - .:villena:. - Tucked Up Jeans (the mens dept - may)
Sandals - Lindy - Sandye White


I am happiest when..

This is something to think about. I know what MY answer is.. 'I am happiest when I'm helping others'.. what's yours? I do a few things in SL, one of which is to help with The Mens Dept event each month. I take pictures of the vendors, post them on the mens dept blog and flickr and generally just help Mikel Monk out as he needs it. Now you know! In case you were wondering.. but even if you weren't.. :P

Hair - Truth - Portia (HUGESALENOW!!)
Skin - :[P]: - Astrali Skin
Eyes - [UMEBOSHI] - Lunar Eyes - (The Four Corners)
Dress - LMD - Jamie Mesh Hooded Dress
Camera - Tee*fy - Vintage Brownie Camera
Bewts - Koko - Mesh Knit Boot


"Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water.."

"If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” - Bruce Lee

My absolute favorite quote of his. Be water, my friends..

Hair - Magika - Lust 

Flower - [glow] Studio - Sepia Flowers Hairband
Skin - :[P]: - Astrali Skin - September's Lover 
Eyes - .ID. - Ice - Mesh Eyes
Top & Skirt - *Lacuna* - Bandeau Top, Diametric Maxi Skirt (My Attic @ The Deck)


"I never said I was a 'good girl'..

I'm not a bad girl." - Kelly Clarkson

Hair - Clawtooth - Gold Lion (april collabor88)
Skin - Mother Goose's - Suzanne (1L)
Freckles - L.Fauna - Serious Freckles
Eyes - D.A - Anime Eyes - Glutton
Dress - The Sea Hole - Mesh Tentacle Dress (april collabor88)
Bracelet - Whippet & Buck - Simple Polished Cuff
Purse - The Sea Hole - Tentacle Handbag (april collabor88)
Shews - HM - Bilson - Blue Cacarao

Accessories -
Chair - Trompe Loeil - Thrift Store Accent Chair (april collabor88)
Rug - {sa} - My Chevron Scrunchy Rug
Table - Trompe Loeil - Thrift Store Table (april collabor88)
Sofa - floorplan. - Kitsch Loveseat (april collabor88)
Plates - floorplan. - Kitsch Wall Plates (april collabor88)
Poofs - Tres Blah - Tea Time - Poof Balls


A few of my favorite things...

So this is my 110th post.. clearly I wasn't paying attention when I posted #100.. but anywayyy.. I thought I'd update my favorite things post. Things I can't live without. Things I love. Things I covet. <33 enjoy

Hair - I love hair.. tons of designers.. and my color is anything remotely 'ginger'. Clawtooth - Surfer Rosa - Strawberry Dream
Skin - I have so many favorites.. I'm a pale girl, and I love me some freckles.
Glam Affair - Luria -12
Make-Up - I am almost always in freckles, or eyeliner.. this is my newest favorite, a little company called Lovely Disarray!
Lovely Disarray - Liner Set 1 - To The Point
Top - Well.. any of you who know me, or have followed me, know that I almost always have something Kyoot on.. and this top is no exception. Her items are on MP for 55L now too!
Kyoot - Book Worm Top (Late Summer)
Shorts - Ok these have got to be my absolutely favorite shorts.. the mesh is perfection!
Ingenue - Hetty - Sage
Ring - I am in love with a few jewelry makers, MG being one.. and this is a LILY! I'm a LILY! How can I not wear it? :P
Maxi Gossamer - Tiger Lily Flower - Silver
Shews - Ok well.. this hasn't changed.. there are many shews I love.. many I covet.. but Slinks have always been my favorite.
Slink - Aveela Stiletto - White

Accessories & Furniture.. there are so many many companies I love. Equally for design, colors, innovation, utility and artistry. These are a but a tiny few that I have around my house right now!
Trompe Loeil - Club Chair Corduroy, Spotlight Lamp
Pilot - Vintage Nightstand
Lisp Bazaar - Charlotte Clock, Nerd Bookends
Scarlet Apple - My Wood Small Side Table, My Chevron Rug


Skating away on the thin ice of the new day..

Hair - Dura - Boys&Girls 41
Skin - Glam Affair - Luria Skin 03 (Mar Arcade Festival)
Makeup - Lovely Disarray - Smeared Loose Eye Powder
& The Geisha Concept Pouty
Nails - Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails
Shirt - - Vneck Tee
Ring - MG - Tiger Lily
Skirt - The Sea Hole - Lorette Skirt (Mar Arcade Festival)
Tights - [AUX] - Suspended 1
Skates - The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates (Mar Arcade Festival)


Business Lunch..

It's all business for me today.. so much going on this week!! Enjoy :)

Hair - [e] - Again
Skin - *My UglyDorothy - Nabi - NEW
Eyes - Bilo 
Coat - Villena - Coat (f) (Mar - the mens dept)
Top - - Thermal.Henley
Satchel - Duh! - Brown Small Book Bag
Pants - JANE - Wide Leg Pant
Shews - {theosophy} - Lochdon Boots
Location - The Pixel Bean


March Madness!

SO many events at the start of this month, I can't begin to tell you how fun it was to shop and shop and trade and shop! Enjoy and there will be MORE to come :)

Hair - eep - Hair 003 - strawmato3 (slurl) (mp store)
Headband - PIDIDDLE - PopPop Headband
Skin - *My UglyDorothy - Fox (NEW)
Glasses - K_gs - Domino (Mar - the mens dept)
Top - AUTRES - Flow Crop
Bracelets - 22769 - Leather Bracelet (Mar - the mens dept)
Rings - Kosh - Pivot Ring ; LaGyo - Starla ring
Pants - [Sheep Door] - Skinny Pants Leopard (f) (Mar - the mens dept)
Feets - Slink - Jolie Pied

Accessories -
Chairs - Trompe Loeil - Club Chair Corduroy
Artwork - Vespertine - Animalia Paper Print (Mar - the mens dept)
Table - Vespertine - Cubistic Sidetable (Mar - the mens dept)
Lamp & Tissuebox -[kusshon] - College Guy (Mar - the mens dept)
Trunk - Vespertine (Mar - Arcade Gatcha Event)
Sass Letters - Cheeky Pea - Map Me Letters
Rug - nordari


So Sassy..

I loved this month's The Mens Dept. line up, and I think you will too. There is something for everyone! In case you ladies didn't know, the Sleepy Eddy Pea Coat & Turtleneck insert come with both a male AND female version in each color. YAY! Enjoy :)

Hair - [e] - Spark (SALE SALE SALE!)
Skin - My UglyDorothy - Vivian
Pea Coat & Turtleneck - Sleepy Eddy (feb the mens dept)
Necklace & R hand ring - Kosh - Pivot (feb the mens dept)
Left Hand ring - welldone.atelier - Silver Deer (Fi*Fridays)
Nails - Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails
Jeans - Atomic - Skinny Jeans

Framed Art - Pilot - Soaring Against All Odds (2-8-13 50L Friday)
Map Letters - :CP: (feb the mens dept)
Console Table - :CP: 


Can I be close to you..

"Oh you fill my head with pieces.. of a song I can't get out" 
-The Paper Kites - Bloom

Hair - [e] - Memoir (SALE!)
Skin - Belleza - Erika
Earrings - MG - Singapore Swing (Limited Bazaar)
Outfit - :[P]: - Daunting Fate Corset, Reverence Skirt, Torment Warmers
Ring - Yummy - Winter Flower Ring
Bewts - Koko - Mesh Knit Boot


This world...

is but a canvas to our imagination. - Henry David Thoreau

Hair - [e] - Conclusion (SALE NOW!!)
Bow - Magika - Kawaii Bow
Skin - *My UglyDorothy - Vivian (NEW!!)
Earrings - MG - Rio Hoops
Sweater - Mon Tissu - Prudence Cardigan
Necklace - W&B - Chevron Necklace
Bra - Luck - Temptress
Hands - SLink - de Jolie Hands v1.1
Rings - (R) LaGyo - Lost Crystal Ring ; (L) MG - Tiger Lily Ring
Skirt - The Secret Store - Crepe Skater Skirt
Boots - [e] - Secret Boots (SALE NOW!!)
Bench - Y's House - Honey Bench


"Adopt the pace of nature..

her secret is patience." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hair - [e] - Only (Elikatira SALE NOW)
Skin - *My UglyDorothy - Vivian (NEW!)
Coat - Diram - Chloe Cap (with love hunt item)
Ring - MG - Tiger Lily Flower
Bewts - [e] - Secret Boots (SALE NOW NOW!)


"This is not the greatest song in the world.. no..

this is a TRIBUTE..." - Tenacious D

Back before I started this blog, and still do this day, I got a massive amount of encouragement from my very good friend, and at the time bosslady, Saeya Nyanda.
She is one of the most talented creators I know, one of the strongest, bravest and most of all, loving and kind people I've met. While Kyoot has been, and will continue to be a staple of my wardrobe, it's closing is bittersweet for me. It will live on in the marketplace, and maybe she will come back at some point and create again! I'm SO happy for Saeya, and all that she has accomplished in SL, and all that she is embarking on in her very near future. She will continue to be my 'pretty', an inspiration and my very dear friend. <3 you pretty!

These are just a few of my favorite more recent looks from Kyoot.
Be sure to head over to the final 50L clearance event, which ends in early Feb.


Hair - Truth - January (group gift)
Crown - Kyoot
Skin - :Mother Goose's: - Abbey (1L)
Makeup - :GP: - Party Girl - Bonus (group gift)
Earrings - (SS) - Chrysalis & MG - Rio Hoops
Necklace - It's Cake - Lil Bow Necklace
Bracelet - MG - Damasc Bangles
Ring - MG - Tiger Lily Flower
All clothing by Kyoot
Shews - *GF* - Alex ;  Kyoot - Platform Wedges


"I'm no model lady...

A model's just an imitation of the real thing." - Mae West

Hair - [e] - Flattery
Hat - Kyoot - DUIV Dark Narcissus Hat
Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly - Europa Frostbite
Glasses - Fishy Strawberry - College Glasses
Blouse - Whippet&Buck - Liliana Cap Sleeve Blouse
Necklace - Whippet&Buck - Chevron Necklace
Bracelet - Whippet&Buck - Simple Polished Cuff
Watch - (epia) - Invicta Watch
Rings -
     (R) Kyoot - DUIV Dark Narcissus Pearl Ring; Magic Nook - Music Ring
     (L) LaGyo - BonBon ring; MG - Tiger Lily Flower (Limited Bazaar)
Nails - Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails
Skirt - Tee*fy - Aspen High Waisted Skirt
Shews - MONNIER - Dark Pumps

Accessories -
Clock - :CP: - Mainstream Clock
Console Table & Book Stack - :CP: - Ansel (Jan Collabor88)
Birdcage - :CP: & PILOT - Garden Party Birdcage
Rug - nordari - ruggies



'Sometimes I'm so sweet even I can't stand it.." - Julie Andrews

Hair - [e] - Sound (new)
Bow - CDY - Headband Ribbon White
Skin - :GP: - Party Girl - Petal Frex Potion 1 (Curio Group Gift!!)
Piercing - ivy. - Kayla (Groupgift)
Blouse - Atomic - Frilled
Cardigan - - Short Cardi
Necklace - EarthStones - For Keeps Locket
Ring - LaGyo - Lost Crystal Ring
Bracelet - W&B - Simple Polished Cuff
Nails - [SHOCK] - Frosty Penguin Nails
Skirt - WERTINA - Embroidered Skirt (Fashion Quotes - Jan)
Socks - Kyoot - Lacey White Knee Socks
Shews - even.flow - Saddle Shoes (Fashion Quotes - Jan)
Pose - YoPulga - Pose Pack Tessa (Fashion Quotes - Jan)



"There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want." - Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes..

Hair - [e] - Balance
Hat - {dollie*} - Cat Ears Knitted Cap (FROST gift)
Skin - :GP: - Party Girl - Potion 1 (Curio Groupgift!!)
Makeup - :GP: - Holiday Makeup for Party Girl (Curio Groupgift!!)
Top - 1Hundred - Surrender Top (Fashion Quotes Jan)
Bracelets - W&B - Simple Polished Cuffs
Ring - LaGyo - Lost Crystal Ring (FLF)
Nails - Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails (Collabor88 - Jan)
Pants - [AUX] - Belted Flairs - Black Skull (TDR Fusion - Jan)
Shews - C'est la vie! - Ballerina shoes

Dartboard - :CP: - Kraken Dart Board (the mens dept jan13)
Chair - vespertine - Vintage Rounded Armchair (the mens dept jan13)


It's a new dawn, It's a new day..

It's a new life.. For me.. And I'm feeling good... - Nina Simone
Happy New Year 2013!! <3

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Brigitte
Skin - Mother Goose's - LENE1 (lucky board skin)
Makeup - .synt. - double dots grey shadow
Freckles - L.Fauna - Serious Freckles
Piercing - ivy. - Piercing Kayla Groupgift
Lingerie - The Sea Hole - Catalina - Apricot (dec collabor88)
Top - Kyoot - Soft Heart Cropped Top
Rings - [glow] studio - Double Cross Ring
Skirt - tres blah - C88 Maxi Skirt
Socks - +mocha+ - Loose Socks
Shews - ::LEO:: - Lovely <3 Flats (gwen)