Weekend re-cap!

Twas a long and chilly weekend.. Winter seems to be knocking at my door..

I somehow managed on the 4th or 5th try to make it into the One11 event. I won't lie, I am fairly frugal when it comes to shopping in SL.. I feel better about an outfit that I pulled together for a couple hundred linden or less, vs something that will take 1/2 of my L balance in one fell swoop. However, there were a few things I saw that I thought were reasonably priced and well done. This sweater was one of them, SO CUTE and cozy. Also, as I went to get the Candydoll Lazy Sunday skin, I found these adorable Winter special skins for 100L each, in 5 makeup options! Enjoy!

Hair - Clawtooth - You're a Star Now (50LF)
Skin - Candydoll - Snowie (100L)
Teeth - PXL - Open mouth add on
Sweater - !OhMai - Azure's Pico (One11)
Shirt - - Dion (50LF)
Pants - Kyoot - Zipper Cords
Shews - Urbanity! (now Ha!) - Simple Flats
Tree - {what next} - (lazy sunday)


To get us started...

Oh hi there, and welcome to my blog! As I am just setting this up, be forewarned that things will be changing and such.. I'm sure you all understand! 

This blog has been a long time in the making, and honestly, what held me up was finding a silly name that I loved.. and YAY.. I finally figured it out!
The backstory is that my longtime friends call me Lily.. as 'she' was my first av in SL back in 07', and has been my online moniker for pretty much everything I have ever done since!

The thought behind my blog will be no surprise.. fashion fashion fashion.. and yet.. I have my own style, my own loves and my own quirks.. what better place to showcase that!
Enjoy the ride!

I will start us off with my "Rarely Without" photo.. just so you can get to know a bit about me.. the bits that rarely change and are fairly constant in my SLife..

I recently pulled together a look that I love, and realized that there were so many key elements to it, and it says a lot about me! These are the things I am rarely without..

Hair from Shag.. <3
Skin & Eyelashes from Atomic - Audri - Porcelain/Flutter eyelashes
Necklace by 'It's Cake' (I love this so much)
Ring by Magic Nook for DUIV, Narcissus
Antique <3 bracelet by $Dustarzz$.. some people wear their heart on their sleeve, I wear mine on my wrist :P
Clothing & Makeup from Kyoot.. I almost always have SOMETHING of hers on me! <3
Make Believe Tattoo by Porcupine Love
Pants -  I love me some pants, jeans, capris.. these are by paper.doll
Shoes by SLink.. seriously.. best prim toes and sexy shoes on the grid.. I can't get enough of my Cassandra's..
And there you have it, head to toe, Ryn.