I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Eln Alter recently, and finding out what the new sim Meow was all about! With an impressive list of stores, an easy to navigate circular design (complete with a tram!) and an adorably colorful build, shoppers will love wandering around! Add in their unique rewards program, and really, one can't ask for much more!

   Let's talk about the rewards, shall we? I'm a sucker for anything discounted, anything free and pretty much anything Eln makes, and this rewards program covers all those bases!

Here is a step by step.
1. Click the ad to receive your hud & instructions (located at various locations around the sim)
2. Attach Hud - you will see a gray box, with 5 coin slots appear in your upper left corner.
3. Use the notecard you received to find out which stores co-ordinate with each color coin.
4. Shop and collect coins! Each of the participating stores has a color. Within the store you will find one, or several items with their Coin above. These items will be 75L.. no more, no less. Purchase the item and you receive a coin. You rezz this coin (there is a small sandbox area where you can redeem your rewards) and click it, and it will magically fill in the slot in your hud! You only need 1 color per slot. AND, the coins are transferable, so if you have 2 yellow, and your friend has 2 red, swap one and ta-da! Coins can be kept for future rewards as well!
5. Redeem your coins! Once your hud is full, head to the redemption area and click on your reward. Your coins will disappear, and you will receive your item! So far, Eln only has the one item available for redemption, but has plans to add more for variety. If you know Eln, you know the items are not only well made, but ADORABLE, and this reward lives up to that!

NEED TO KNOWS - The Sim has no central landing point, which is awesome if you are trying to get to a particular store. It has a small sandbox area where you can rezz purchases or your coins. This program is good in the Meow location alone, main stores will not have the discounted and coined item.  The sim is 2 levels, circular, and has a tram! There are lucky boards and other fun things throughout the sim, totally worth wandering!!
Here is an image of the first reward item, both mens and womens item come with, as well as an adorable music box! NOW GET SHOPPING! 


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