Weekend re-cap!

Twas a long and chilly weekend.. Winter seems to be knocking at my door..

I somehow managed on the 4th or 5th try to make it into the One11 event. I won't lie, I am fairly frugal when it comes to shopping in SL.. I feel better about an outfit that I pulled together for a couple hundred linden or less, vs something that will take 1/2 of my L balance in one fell swoop. However, there were a few things I saw that I thought were reasonably priced and well done. This sweater was one of them, SO CUTE and cozy. Also, as I went to get the Candydoll Lazy Sunday skin, I found these adorable Winter special skins for 100L each, in 5 makeup options! Enjoy!

Hair - Clawtooth - You're a Star Now (50LF)
Skin - Candydoll - Snowie (100L)
Teeth - PXL - Open mouth add on
Sweater - !OhMai - Azure's Pico (One11)
Shirt - - Dion (50LF)
Pants - Kyoot - Zipper Cords
Shews - Urbanity! (now Ha!) - Simple Flats
Tree - {what next} - (lazy sunday)


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